Workshops for Photographers

Do you want to learn something new? Improve your photography – either in the studio or on location? My small group photography workshops cover many aspects of photography and are a great place to start if you are beginning your photography journey, as a reminder after a break, or choose a more advanced course if you’re looking to improve existing skills.

You can read more about why a workshop may be right for you in my blog post. 

I have years of experience, a background in training and a wealth of knowledge so I can deliver interesting, engaging and hands on workshops.

My most popular workshops are:

  • Basics of portrait lighting
  • Advanced portrait lighting
  • Posing for portraits
  • Photoshop editing techniques

I have been a trainer and mentor for a number of years and I’ve been lucky enough to teach workshops at many events including:

I have a wealth of experience of working with individuals and groups, large and small to deliver training. Get in touch to see how I can help you!

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Upcoming Photography Workshops

From Simple to Fine Art- The Art of the Portrait – Digitalab 24 May 2024


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From Simple to Fine Art - The Art of the Portrait. 24th May 2024 10am-4pm, Digitalab, Newcastle, UK. A small group workshop with a model that will give you the skills you need to style, pose and…

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Introduction to Studio Portrait Lighting – Watford 25th March 2024


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Introduction to Studio Portrait Photography - 25th March 2024 10am-4pm, Watford, UK. A small group workshop with a model that will give you the skills you need to light awesome portraits, with…

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Off Camera Flash – Downloadable PDF


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Downloadable PDF guide to outdoor photography using off camera flash. Balancing with ambient, fill and overpower With lighting diagrams, pull back detail and finished images Explaining the…

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Black and White Portrait Editing Workshop Video to Download


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Black and White Editing Workshop - Video workshop with download for you to watch in your own time, as many times as you want to. In this video workshop, recorded live, you will watch Gary edit black…

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Studio Posing Guide


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More than 100 pages explaining the why, how and when of posing individuals, couples and groups for portrait photography. With example images and the reasons behind posing rules, this is suitable for…

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Studio Lighting Guide


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53 page PDF book covering different lighting patterns, from single light setups to more complex multiple light patterns. With lighting diagrams, finished images, detailed descriptions and…

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Downloadable Portrait Lighting Guide

    Reviews of Photography Workshops

    I have trained with Gary twice and am in one of his training groups. His knowledge of lighting and posing is second to none. If I could turn back the clock, I would have trained with him way back at the start of my photography journey. He's a personable guy too, loves his job, has passion and it shows. Well liked and respected across the photography industry in the UK and beyond.

    Claire Robotham

    I met Gary a good few years ago now and have been lucky enough to attend some of his photography workshops. This man is the best when it comes to his knowledge of lighting, in all aspects of photography. He is very patient and and spends time explaining everything, including the basics. I have learnt a lot from him and now use my light meter for every session!

    Kayley Maughan

    I've trained with Gary on a couple of occasions now. I always walk away with so much fresh knowledge and inspiration. His training is informative, engaging, lots of laughs. He is careful to make sure that everybody feels included explains all points well but moves the class along at a pace so everybody's interest is piqued all day. I'd recommend training with Gary in a heartbeat. You will recoup that investment in no time.

    Clare Evans

    Gary is the most incredible photography trainer. He makes you feel immediately at ease and breaks everything down so no matter where you are on your journey in to photography you will learn so much. I have been lucky enough to do quite a lot of training with Gary and after every session I just want more. Above all that he’s one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet and he makes way more time for people than should ever be expected. I wouldn’t be producing the work I am today without Gary.

    Estelle Thompson

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