Why I Shoot Timeless Portraits

A portrait for me, has to have something more than just be a representation of the person you are photographing. It has to have connection and a feeling. When I was learning my craft, I studied so many images and I was always drawn to classical posing, simple styling and good lighting.

I teach different genres of photography, but timeless studio portraits is by far my most popular course. If you’d like to find out more, you can take a look at the training page of my website, or get in touch to discuss it with me.

Gary Hill Master Craftsman award for timeless portraits

When I look back at my portraits over the years, there is a theme of timeless and traditional running through most of the. Over time, I found my own style developing along those lines and I wondered why.

I originally loved shooting fashion images, images that were current and some would say trendy. But as I developed and evolved, I found that both myself and the people I photograph appreciated the fact that I had developed a timeless style.

mum and children mummy and me timeless portrait by Family photographer Lancashire

How and Why I Shoot Timeless

To achieve timeless portraiture, I try and avoid my subjects wearing overly fashionable items, opting for classic clothes and accessories that won’t date instead. The reason for this is that a portrait that is going to be displayed on a family’s wall is a big investment. Not only the cost of the product but also, the time and effort into getting the sitting booked, the planning of the clothing and turning up for the actual session. Add in the cost of a wall art portrait and it’s a commitment. So for me, I want them to have photographs from their photoshoot that are not really going to date.

Photographs that will stand the test of time and be there when that child is no longer living at home. If they never ring their parents while at university, but the parents walk down the stairs and see that wall art in the hallway. It reminds them of the time when they were together, adding to the positive experience of the photoshoot. That way, the investment becomes much longer lasting, and the value or it immeasurable. That to me is why I love the timeless portrait.

To learn in person about timeless portraits and family photography, check out my upcoming workshop. 

mum and daughters fine art portrait in studio by Family photographer Lancashire

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