Online Photography Training

Studio Posing Guide


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More than 100 pages explaining the why, how and when of posing individuals, couples and groups for portrait photography. With example images and the reasons behind posing rules, this is suitable for…

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Studio Lighting Guide


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53 page PDF book covering different lighting patterns, from single light setups to more complex multiple light patterns. With lighting diagrams, finished images, detailed descriptions and…

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Off Camera Flash – Downloadable PDF


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Downloadable PDF guide to outdoor photography using off camera flash. Balancing with ambient, fill and overpower With lighting diagrams, pull back detail and finished images Explaining the…

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Family with teenagers in white studio by family photographer in preston lancashire

Shooting on White – Video Workshop


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Shooting on white -  video workshop with download for you to watch in your own time, unlimited times. In this live workshop via Zoom you will watch Gary shoot portraits on a white background using…

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1:1 Mentoring


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1:1 mentoring with Gary Hill - learn, improve and perfect your photography. Mentoring to improve your photography Your photography will improve with mentoring and tuition, and you can do it from…

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Black and White Portrait Editing Workshop Video to Download


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Black and White Editing Workshop - Video workshop with download for you to watch in your own time, as many times as you want to. In this video workshop, recorded live, you will watch Gary edit black…

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Commissioned photographer of the year - Award winning photographer

Fine Art Editing Workshop Video to Download


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Fine Art Editing Workshop - Video workshop with download for you to watch in your own time, as many times as you want to. In this video workshop, recorded live, you will watch Gary edit fine art…

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Online Photography Training

Do you want to learn something new and improve your photography? Online photography training is a great place to start if you are beginning your photography journey, as a reminder after a break, or choose a more advanced course if you’re looking to improve existing skills.

I also offer small group workshops and 1:1 mentoring – you can find out more details below.

Years of experience, a background in training and a wealth of knowledge means that I am able to deliver what you require.

Being a Judge, Fellowship level photographer and years of competition experience means I am often sought to give feedback on files prepared for competition or qualifications. this means that I can show you exactly what you need to do to get to the next level.

My popular online photography training courses are:

  • Portrait Photography Course – includes a mixture of 7 videos, a written guide and 3 live zoom sessions.
  • Online Newborn Photography Training – membership of a private facebook group, with exclusive access to training videos and new content added regularly.
  • Photoshop Editing Techniques

I have been a trainer and mentor for a number of years and have had the honour of being invited to speak at many events including:

I have a wealth of experience of working with individuals and groups, large and small to deliver training. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you!

Read about 1:1 MentoringRead about photography workshops

Downloadable Portrait Lighting Guide

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    Reviews of Online Photography Workshops

    I have had lot of training over the last few years since starting my photography journey as a business, but Gary really has such a great way of explaining everything in a way you can understand. I honestly never thought I’d be able to understand lighting as other trainers made it seem so complex but this definitely wasn’t the case with Gary. He always makes time to answer any questions you have even after the training takes place. I’ve done a few 1-2-1’s and most recently completed the PTS course which I would highly recommend! But any of Gary’s training is well worth the investment.

    Sarah Osborne

    It's obvious from the start, Gary is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about photography and keen to share. No such thing as a stupid question or too difficult to explain, he will try as many times in different ways until he sees the 'light bulb moment'.
    Gary has become my goto person if I can't get something right or need inspiration in any style or genres.

    Dan Archer

    Had a couple of group training and online training courses with Gary. Explains things in a precise yet easy to understand way and is a very easy going guy who gives you access to a wealth of his knowledge and experience, holding nothing back.
    Well worth the money and will look forward to more courses with Gary when the opportunity arises. If yiu get the chance DO IT!!

    Dougie Cattanach

    I did a 12 month studio training program with Gary and I couldn't recommend it enough, he's a fantastic teacher and breaks everything down while you're a beginner, building up to more complex lighting setups as you go. But all the while at a pace that will ensure you totally understand everything along the way.

    Andy Dane